Appointing the Person to the Role

It is important for both sides of the employment negotiation to be clear about the working arrangement before the point of employment.  For this reason, people often recommend inviting the person you prefer for the role to a further interview before formally offering them the position.  This gives you the change to explain the role in more detail and gives the person a chance to clarify any questions they might have.

Once you have decided to go ahead with engaging the person you will need to prepare a Letter of Engagement as outlined in this template from the Fair Work Ombudsman website.  This should cover all the terms and conditions of employment including the role, the start date, hours of work, pay and other entitlements.

This sample letter of engagement applies when appointing someone to a casual position. 

The example of Employee Records is one way to keep track of the important information about the people you have engaged to work for you. 

Who can help?

Your Host Provider may be able to help with a process for appointing people to new roles. 

Read more about other stages of the Recruitment Process. 

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