Useful Contacts and Resources for Engaging and Recruiting

Businesses mentioned on this website are included because they are known to offer services that may be helpful to people who are engaged in self-direction. However, this inclusion does not suggest that the businesses are endorsed or recommended.  Individuals should determine for themselves if a particular business is appropriate for them.

Government Departments

The Queensland Government Business and Industry portal provides a guide to understanding the obligations of being an employer.

The Fair Work Ombudsman website  has a number of fact sheets and templates for employers. 

Online Resources
Resourcing Families in New South Wales has a useful Resource Library which includes videos of webinars on the topic of engaging staff.

A Guide to Engaging your own Support Workers is a document from My Place in Western Australia. It includes a number of templates and documents that can be downloaded and used online. 

The following articles provide helpful suggestions for planning before engaging people in support roles.  
Paid and Unpaid Support
Think Typical: using the culturally valued analogue 
The strengths and limitations of funding in creating a good life 

Business Contacts
Made to Measure is a Queensland based business offering payroll, bookkeeping and administration services specifically to people throughout Queensland who chose to self-direct their funding.  

River City Accounting in Brisbane offers bookkeeping services, including maintaining wages records. They also offer training for people engaged in self-directed funding and assistance with setting up systems.

Brisbane based recruitment agency, You Select Recruitment ,offers a range of services for people with disability who employ their own staff including workshops such as the "Advertising for Support Workers Interactive Workshop".

Stenhouse Recruitment is an example of a general agency that can help with different stages of the recruitment process. 

Training Resources

Community Resource Unit provides information and workshops for people with disability, families and people working in supporting roles.

Training in practical areas such as first aid and workplace health and safety are offered by many organisations including Red Cross and St John's Ambulance and businesses like HERT and Allens Training in Queensland.  

Training for support workers in different forms of communication is available from organisations such as Qld Facilitated Communication Inc and AGOSCI a national organisation concerned with types of augmented and alternative communication.

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