Who can help me with my planning?

Two heads are often better than one when it comes to planning.  Talking to people you trust and who know your situation is often a good way to begin to plan. Involving others in a more formal, structured planning session can be a good way to brainstorm ideas.

Remaining in control of your planning

 It is important to remain in control of the planning process and what results from it.  This means remaining in control of who is invited to plan with you.  Even if an employee of a service encourages and supports you in your own big picture, whole of life, strategic planning, you are not obliged to invite them.  Remember, this is not service planning.  Read more about this in Planning - a focus and starting point.

When you are asked to plan with your Host Provider or with the Department to organise supports and services, you wish to have a trusted friend or family member with you.  Having someone who knows your big picture plan can help you to keep control of the discussion.

Enlisting Others

Inviting people to plan with you and to be part of your safeguarding strategy is not always easy. However, many people have done this successfully.  There are many examples in Queensland of people who have invited others to be part of a one-off planning session or to be part of their ongoing support circle gatherings. 

Click on these links for resources to help with planning and enlisting others 

Other resources relevant to planning and support circles can be found on the Pave the Way , Resourcing Families,and InCharge  websites and in Edition 38 of Crucial Times from Community Resource Unit. 

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