Purchasing supports and services - an example

Margaret directs support on behalf of her son, Patrick. She purchases a variety of different kinds of support for him using different payment methods for each. Margaret works with a Host Provider. 

This is an overview of the current support arrangement.

Support or service requiredWho provides it?            Where from?How is it paid?
Engaging with the local communitySupport workersDisability specific service Support workers are on the Host Provider payroll
Respite a few nights each monthHome stay familyPrivately engagedThe couple have an ABN. Margaret pays them herself through the self-managed funds         arrangement with the Host Provider
PhysiotherapyPrivate therapistFound in local areaTherapist has ABN. Margaret pays her through the self-managed funds arrangement with the Host Provider

After seeing the potential of engaging people to meet specific needs rather than just using general support workers, Margaret is currently investigating the possibility of engaging other private contractors including a house cleaner, a personal trainer for Patrick and possibly another therapist. She will pay these contractors directly herself under the self-managed funds arrangement.

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