Checking Work Visa

Every worker from overseas must hold a valid Australian visa. A visa outlines the particular visa status granted to the applicant and includes associated entitlements such as work or study rights and any limitations on these conditions. For instance, a study visa includes conditions which state that a student cannot work more than a nominated number of hours per week.

As an employer it is your responsibility to check and verify an applicant's visa entitlements. Australian visas are now being recorded, electronically, and must be checked even though some applicants may still have a printed visa label in their passport.

How to check an electronic visa?

Employers are able to check a prospective employee's visa status through the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) service. VEVO is a free online service that gives visa holders and registered Australian organisations access to visa entitlements and status information 24 hours a day.

Employers must have an Australian Business Number to register for VEVO. Visa holders do not need to register for VEVO and have access at anytime to check their visa details and entitlements.

Registering for VEVO

To register, employers complete an online registration form. Your registration take about 5 working days to process but once registered your account never expires.

You must obtain permission from the visa holder to access their details in VEVO. You can get permission by doing one of the following:

  • including the authority requirement in your contract of employment or service offer
  • having the visa holder complete and sign the Authority to Obtain Details of Work Rights Status form and send to Department of Immigration and Citizenship for visa detail confirmation (approximately 5 working days)
  • asking the visa holder for permission to see their passport and Visa Entitlement Check Result which they can obtain and print through VEVO themselves

Entitlement Check Result

The Entitlement Check Result is the document you receive from VEVO outlining the visa status and entitlements associated with a particular visa holder. 

Important information about VEVO Entitlement Check Result

  • An Entitlement Check Result is only current at time conducted. Employers should consider this if the visa holder provides you with this i.e. ensure the 'valid at' date is current.
  • VEVO does not provide evidence of the identity of a person - always ensure you sight passport and check that it matches the details shown on the Entitlement Check Result.
  • It is the employers responsibility that work conditions associated with that visa holder are adhered to
  • Employers must recheck visa entitlements of a visa holder as the Department of Immigration and Citizenship does not advise of changes.

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