Choice and Control

Self direction offers you the chance to have greater choice and control over where, when, how and by whom your services and supports are provided.

In practice, the terms Choice and Control under Your Life Your Choice mean:

  • Choice over purchasing disability supports and services from within the service categories that you have been assessed for.
  • Choice between two ways that you can manage your funding: Direct Payments or via a Host Provider.
  • Choice of the level of responsibility you have for control over your funds depending on which option you choose: Direct Payments or Host Provider. 
  • Choice over where you purchase your supports and services. If using a Host Provider you should have the same range of options to purchase from as if you were using Direct Payments.

Levels of choice and control

The Table of Levels of Choice and Control is a guideline to assist you to think about levels of choice and control available to you to purchase your supports and services and manage your financial arrangements. This table is a general overview of the important questions; it does not define what all Host Providers offer.

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