Two methods for directing your support

Under Your Life Your Choice in Queensland you have the choice to receive funding via Direct Payments or via a Host Provider. Under both methods you are able to direct how your support meets your needs. The decision you have to make is how much you want to be involved in the day to day management of how supports are organised and how much responsibility you wish to have for accountability for your funding.

Your decision will be based on your skills, ability, experience and confidence. The arrangements you make now may evolve or be adjusted in the future.

Using the Direct Payment method

One option under Your Life Your Choice is to choose to take responsibility for receiving funds directly, purchasing your own supports and possibly engaging your own staff. Your funds will be deposited on a quarterly basis directly into a bank account you establish for that purpose. You will be responsible for reporting what you purchase and for acquitting these funds directly to Disability Services.

For more information read Receiving Funds via Direct Payments

Working with a Host Provider

A Host Provider will receive your individualised funding from the Department and assist you to plan, choose your disability supports and manage the funding. The Host Provider will report on and acquit the funds to the Department on your behalf.

Within the Host Provider option you can choose how much or how little you wish to be involved in the direction of your supports and services. Most Host Providers charge different fees for different levels of service.

For more information read Receiving Funds via a Host Provider

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