Decision making

When you self-direct you take responsibility for the choices and decisions that will influence your own life. Making decisions about the level of choice and control you wish to have over your supports and services, within the constraints of what your funding can be used for, is fundamental to self-directed support. 

Where you have limited or partial ability to make decisions for yourself, your family or committed friends could exercise their natural authority to make decisions on your behalf. 

A Host Provider might negotiate an agreement with you directly or with someone on your behalf, taking your interests into account. 

If you choose the Direct Payments method you can choose to have someone else receive the funding on your behalf by nominating a 'relevant person'. A 'relevant person' could be a guardian, parent, sister, brother or close friend. The 'relevant person' signs the Individual Funding Agreement and accepts the responsibility for managing the funding on your behalf. They formally assist with all other activities, involved in Direct Payments.

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