What does self-direction look like? video

Self-direction means that you have the freedom and responsibility to decide and direct

  • what your support arrangements will look like
  • which services you will purchase
  • who you will employ or contract to provide your support

This video outlines some of the ways people can use self-direction to organise the individual support they need in their life.

Self-direction also means accepting the financial, industrial and legal responsibilities that come with employing people and receiving government funding.  Narissa Wilson describes this as being like "the CEO of my life" in her story, Leading my life though my vision. 

You can read more about the responsibilities of self-direction in the section Engaging your Own Staff on this website. 

Support to self-direct

Self-direction does not mean that you have to do everything on your own.  Self-direction is about having choice and control over the things that matter most to you.  Some people will be more concerned with having choice and control over the supports they receive and the people they employ and not so concerned with the management of funding.  Others may believe that taking responsibility for the funding is integral to self-direction. 

Some people will require more assistance to design their support service to meet their needs and others may require more assistance with financial management and the legalities of being an employer.  It's about finding the right fit for you. 

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