Using the Direct Payment method

One option for self-direction is to choose to take on the responsibility of receiving funds directly, purchasing your own supports and possibly engaging your own staff. This method is called Direct Payments.

If you feel confident in taking responsibility for engaging your own staff, managing your own funds and taking on the accountability requirements without the constant involvement of a third party provider, the Direct Payments is possibly the better option for you.  

Support for Direct Payments

The Department has produced a number of resources to assist people who choose to receive their funds under Your Life Your Choice as a Direct Payment rather than via a Host Provider. People interested in the Direct Payments method should contact their local Disability Services regional office to discuss what this involves. 

Some people under the Direct Payment method choose to engage their own staff.  If  you decide to do this, help is available.  You can purchase assistance from recruitment services to help you engage staff and from payroll services to assist you to manage wages, tax and superannuation.  Some services have established themselves for the specific purpose of support people who are self-directing their disability support funding.  These services offer support across the whole range of staffing and payroll matters.  You may also be able to purchase support from Host Providers on a one-off basis or as required. 

The Engaging Your Own Staff section of this website includes a range of practical resources to help people who wish to work in this way. 

Budgeting Matters

Whether you choose Direct Payments or the Host Provider Model your funding will include a component for administration and management.  It is important to remember to factor these costs into your budget. 

If you choose the Direct Payment model you will need to factor in your own administration and managements costs including staff recruitment costs, payroll and other supports you may wish to purchase.  You can also use your funding to employ people to take on certain roles to meet your management responsibilities.  These roles could include support coordinator, key worker and bookkeeper. 

Choosing direct payments - a personal experience describes one family's experience of using Direct Payments to manage funding on behalf of their son.

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