Preparing to self-direct - what you need to think about

This overview outlines some of the important matters to think about when you are preparing to direct your own support under Your Life Your Choice.

A key part of this preparation is choosing how much you want to be involved in the actual day to day management of your support. This decision will help you decide how you wish to receive your funding, either through Direct Payments or via a Host Provider.

Choice and control

Under Your Life Your Choice you will have choice and control over where, when, how and by whom your services and supports are provided. 

Two methods for directing your support

Under Your Life Your Choice in Queensland you have the choice to receive funding via Direct Payments or via a Host Provider. 

Decision making

When you self-direct you take responsibility for the choices and decisions that will influence your own life. 

Accountability and responsibility for funding

When you direct your own funding you must be prepared to work with the Host Provider or Disability Services to take on the responsibilities and obligations that come with being accountable for public money. 

Keep one eye on the future

When establishing your self-directed support it is wise to ask yourself what do I need to do now, who else could take on one or more of these roles in the future, what would it take to share this knowledge? 


Plan and prepare: the change to self-direction is an example of one person's step by step plan to move towards self-direction.

Self-direction in regional QLD - making it work describes why one family in regional Queensland chose to self-direct and how they put their plan into practice.

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